Wednesday,  May 31  2006 
  • Shawn "Phantom" Weiler is here with part 2 of his CVW-8 article.  Shawn includes another great variety of models in his article.  Shawn definitely know how to properly weather USN aircraft.

  • Bruce Bell has done a great job building his 1/48 Tamiya FW-190A-8/R2.  Bruce has included 6 photos of his 190.   

  • Luc Harvey joins us with his 1/72 Eastern Express Mig-21UM.  Luc built his fine looking MiG out of the box and created some of the markings himself and displayed his jet on a very nice looking base.  

  • Erik Wauters is here with his 1/72 Academy P-40E Warhawk.  Erik did an excellent job building his P-40 and finished it with carefully applied weathering.   

  • I have a review of the latest edition of the "Random Thoughts" Magazine Vol.29 No.6. from  IPMS Canada.  


Tuesday,  May 30  2006 
  • I have a 1 month update on my Injured Arm, things are getting better.  I hope to be back to work at my job in one more month. 

  • Shawn "Phantom" Weiler joins us with his CVW-8 Part 1, 1977.  This is a multi-part article that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  

  • Steve Negley has done a great job building his 1/32 Hasegawa P-51D Mustang.  Steve added details to make his Mustang more accurate and improve the detail.  Marking were a combination of painted and custom made by Mike Grant Decals.    

  • Yvan Vansteenkiste has done a beautiful job building his 1/32 Academy F18C Hornet.  Yvan did a perfect job on his F-18 and finished it off with markings from Twobobs 

  • Bill Lachance is here with his lovely 1/48 Eduard Fokker D. VII.  Bill has a talent for turning any kit into a gem...and this little bi-plane is another example of Bill's skill.  

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 A-7 Corsair II decal sheet from Victory Productions.  This sheet includes markings for four Vietnam era jets and two Gulf War A-7s.  


Monday,  May 29  2006            Memorial Day  
  • No reviews today out of respect for Memorial Day in the US.
  • The folks at I.P.M.S.  group XXI Mar del Plata in Argentina are having their annual model show and contest .  It will be  June 2, 3 and 4 in the Hotel Tierra del Fuego, Mar del Plata.  More info can be found at
  • Goran Kovacic is here from Croatia to start your week with his 1/72 Revell P-47D.  Goran did some very impressive post shading to his P-47 along with some other techniques.  Read his article for the full details.  

  • Gianni Cassi joins us with his beautifully done 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-15 bis.   This is a Korean war MiG flown by a WW2 veteran Soviet pilot.  I got quite a bit of pleasure seeing the paint scheme on this one.  Gianni finished it off with decals from Cutting Edge Modelworks.

  • Louis Chang has been busy building and detailing his 1/48 Revell F-105D.   Louis rescribed the panel lines and then did a very involved weathering and chipping job on his F-105 and finished it off with decals from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  

  • Matt Bacon has done a fine job building his Three 1/48 "Airfix" Spitfires.   Matt kept busy and ended up with 23 very impressive Airfix Spitfires.


Saturday,  May 27  2006
No updates this weekend.  I'm tending to some behind the scenes work on ARC.
Friday,  May 26  2006                     Georgia National Day 
  • Goran Kovacic starts your Friday update with his carefully built 1/72 Revell Fokker DVII.   Goran finished his Fokker with some painted markings for Hermann Göring.

  • Tom Milne joins us with his beautiful looking 1/48 Airfix Mosquito B Mk XVI.   Tom goes into very good detail in his article about building his Airfix Mossie and you'll find his article to be a big help when you build one of these.

  • Calum Gibson has been busy getting the details right on his 1/48 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2B.  Calum used a resin cockpit and finished his Bucc with outstanding weathering and markings Operation Granby.

  • Ercan Karakas joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya F4U Corsair.   Ercan finished his sharp looking Corsair in New Zealand markings.  


Thursday,  May 25  2006        Argentina National Day  

  Jordan Independence Day  

  • Pablo Calcaterra is here on Argentina's National Day with his special article on his 1/48 Skyhawk A-4B C-214.  Pablo tells to story of the Argentine pilots during the Falklands/Malvinas War.  

  • Luc Borlé is here with his very well done 1/72 Academy Republic P-47D.  Although this is 1/72....Luc painted the checkerboard pattern by hand......amazing.   

  • Ercan Karakas has been busy building a very sharp looking 1/48 Tamiya Mig 15 Bis.  Erkans finished his bare metal MiG in Chinese markings with a careful amount of weathering as well as photo etch seatbelts and engine wiring.  

  • Anthony Manzoli stopped by the Australian ARC Corporate offices with his1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-6.  Anthony built his 109 mostly out of the box with the exception of some cockpit photo etch.  then added his skillfully applied weathering using a variety of methods (that he mentions in his article).   


Wednesday,  May 24  2006     Eritrea Independence Day 
I'm pleased to announce the new VF-Decals/MAW Decals Forum on the ARC Manufacturers Forums.  The owners of VF-Decals/MAW Decals and  will be there to answer all your questions about their decals.
  • Kit Leung has dropped by today with his 1/72 Innex MiG-21PFM.  Kit did a wonderful bare metal finish complete with Polish markings.  

  • Vladimír Žucha is here with his 1/48 Hobbycraft F8F-1 Bearcat.  Vladmir used photos etch and careful skill to finish his Bearcat in South Vietnamese air force markings.  Check out the panel line chipping on his Bearcat.....very nice.  

  • Christian Page joins us from Belgium with his great looking 1/72 Hasegawa F-104 and 1/72 ESCI F-104Christian has finished his Starfighters in 2 different paint schemes to give you a feeling for the variety of countries to use this jet.      

  • Matt Robeson joins us today with his 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero.  Matt is 15 years old and seems to have this hobby figured out as you'll see by his beautiful Zero model.   

  • Lyle Brown once again graces ARC with his artwork.  This is his Artwork of WW2 Poster that he carefully created from a vintage museum poster. I really get a kit out of seeing Lyles work and I've included a link to his website so you can enjoy more of his artwork at  

  • Jörgen Toll dropped by the ARC Corproate offices with his 1/48 Resin Neomega AJ-37 Viggen Cockpit.  Jörgen gives you the full story on this cockpit set.

  • Ken Middleton is here with a  preview of the 1/48 F/A-18C/B Sh*% Hot Sharpshooters decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   


Tuesday,  May 23  2006 
The ARC forums are repaired....they are at a temporary URL.....until I can get the proper domain name shifted to the other ARC server in the next few days.  It's been a very long week for us all....and I include the readership in that statement.  I've been on a steep learning curve this week and plan to be much better prepared the next time this happens.
  • Pablo Angel Herrera begin today with his nicely done 1/72 Hasegawa A-1H Skyraider.  Pablo finished his Skyraider in the attractive SEA camo scheme. 

  • Mark Barnes is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa A4-C finished in an attractive scheme.  I'm glad Mark has joined us on the home page and I look forward to seeing more of his work on ARC.  Welcome to ARC Mark!!! 

  • Maxime Pidara has been busy building one of my favourite ground attack aircraft from WW2.  This is his 1/72 Academy Typhoon  complete with a ground target....both are excellently done..   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of the 1/72 JAS-39A/B/C/D Rippen' Gripens decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics


Monday,  May 22  2006          Yemen National Day  
No update today.....I'm putting in as many hours as I can to get the forums sorted out.
Sunday,  May 21  2006        Chile Navy Anniversary  
  • Paul Hayes starts today with his great looking 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate.  Paul explains the very easy and effective paint chipping technique he used.   

  • Paul (KonaMonkey) Goretti is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his nicely finished 1/72 Revell F16c Block 50/52.  Welcome to ARC Paul!!!  


Saturday,  May 20  2006     Cuba Independence Day 

  Spirit of St. Louis flight  

Forum repairs are progressing.  I'm attempting to get a clean copy of the forums from my hosting company from before the virus hit.  
  • Michael Stanley is here with his 1/48 Spirit of St. Louis to make the anniversary of the first solo transatlantic flight.  The engine cowling finish is very difficult to do on this aircraft, but Michael pulled it off.  

  • Edgar Murillo has been busy building one of the Tomcats from the Tomgun movie.  This is his 1/48 Revell/Monogram F-14A complete with custom markings.  


Friday,  May 19  2006

 Turkish Remembrance  of Ataturk

 and Youth Day for Turkey 

Thursday,  May 18  2006

  US Armed Forces Appreciation Day  

Wednesday,  May 17  2006   Norway Constitution Day 
ARC Forums are still offline.  Still no response from the Invision Tech people regarding repairing the Forums.
Temporary ARC Forum can be found ----> here <----  
Note from Vince Maddux of VMDecals

We here at VMDecals have some good and bad news today.

First off, we would like to announce that the link for the P-3C decals is open. You can now pre-order the decals by simply following this link Everything you need to know is there. This sheet is currently being printed by Fantasy Printshop.

Now the bad news, I had a major computer crash this week although I got my computer running again, I LOST EVERYTHING! If I was doing artwork for you please let me know so I can make any refund arrangements. I had drawings for about 150 different decal sheets in different stages of completions.

Although this is a grave loss, I still have some of the older decals backed up and I can restart from there.




Tuesday,  May 16  2006 

  Dambusters Raid RAF bombing of Ruhr Valley Dams 

I've hired Invision to more the ARC Forums to a new server.  At this point I am unsure if the database is intact.
Temporary ARC Forum can be found ----> here <----  
  • Ed Fuquay begins today with Part 3 of his 1/32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat build.  Today Ed shows us how he painted the markings.   

  • Nissim Tzukduian has put quite a bit of effort detailing his beautifully done 1/48 Hasegawa F-4E and getting the details correct.  He finished his F-4 in Israeli markings.   

  • Matija Lisec has put quite a bit of effort super detailing his 1/48 Dragon Fw-190 A-8.  This model wasn't the quickest and easiest build as you'll read in the article.....but the finished model was worth the effort.   

  • Oxiel Carrizo (Necsac) has been busy adding details to his very sharp looking  1/48 Monogram Mirage 2000.  Oxiel then finished his Mirage in French Air Force Gulf War markings from 1991. 

  • Ted Taylor has dropped by the ARC UK corporate offices with his photos from the Milton Keynes Model show 2006.  This is Part 1 and Ted will be back tomorrow with Part2.   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of the new 1/48 Rockin' Rhinos #6 VF-213 Black Lions   decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   


Monday,  May 15  2006       No update today.  I'm busy working on repairing the ARC Forums.
I've just pulled the ARC Forums offline until I can effectively remove the trojan Virus that has infected the ARC#2 server.  The ARC  #1 server that holds the website is NOT affected by this virus as it is a completely different server.  Sorry for this huge problem.  Steve B.
Temporary ARC Forum can be found ----> here <----  
Sunday,  May 14  2006     Paraguay Independence Day
  • Darrell Thompson has been busy building and detailing his 1/72 Tamiya P-47D-15.  I was quite impressed with the straight forward and well thought out details Darrell added to his P-47.

  • George "Chorse6" Salerno joins us with his beautifully done 1/48 Monogram F-101C Voodoo with C&H Aero Conversion.  George rescribed his Voodoo and did so much more.


Saturday,  May 13  2006 
  • Paolo Yuen starts today with his 1/32 Revell F-4F Phantom II.  Paolo has used resin and photo etch detail items to improve the detail on his Phantom and then gently shaded the panel lines and finished it off in Luftwaffe markings.

  • Bill Lachance joins us with his 1/48 Eduard Bf 108 Taifun.  Bill built his 108 to his usual high standards complete with his carefully done cockpit detailing.


Friday,  May 12  2006 
A reminder....The Rocky Mountain Model Club in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is having their Western Canadian Regional Model Contest 2006 on Saturday, May 13th 2006.
Thursday,  May 11  2006 
I'm pleased to announce the new Hobbydecal Dry Transfer System forum on the ARC Manufacturers Forums.  The owner of Hobbydecal will be there to answer all your questions about their dry transfer system of stencils and decals.
  • Manuel J. Armas S. starts your Thursday update with his 1/48 Revell F/A-18E Super Hornet.  Manuel did a fantastic job on his F-18 and quite likes this new model kit.  

  • Lou Anatrella has done a beautiful job building his 1/48 Revell B-25J & TB-25J.  Lou finished one in olive drab and the other in baremetal and ended up with 2 great models from this classic kit.  

  • Armin Knes  is here with another aircraft in his continuing Su-collection.  This is his 1/48 KoPrp Su-22 M3 complete with a resin cockpit and cool looking paint scheme.   

  • Jason Cooper has put quite a bit of effort detailing his 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire VB.  Jason added quite a few scratch-built details and weathering and finished it of in the marking for one of the most famous RAF Aces from WW2.  

  • I have a p review of the 1/32 resin Bf 109G/K-4 Super Detailed Main Wheel Wells & Top Wing from Cutting Edge Models. you can really go to town when you build this kit.   

  • Mark Kubes is here with some of his Lockheed F-22A Raptor walkaround photos. 


Wednesday,  May 10  2006 
I've added a link to Modeler Site to the ARC links pages.  This is a modelling site that covers a variety of models....not just aircraft.
Tuesday,  May 9  2006         No update today
  European Union Day  
  Russia - End of Great Patriotic War  
  Malta gets Spitfires  
  Liberation Day for the Channel Islands   
It's been 11 days since my accident.  I am quite tired from poor sleep due to pain in my arm and my body sending all energy to heal my arm.  Yesterday I saw my Doctor and things are healing fine.  It will be weeks before I can begin using my arm.  Due to the injury,  25 square inches (160 square cm) of the forearm skin had become paralyzed......but so far 25% has regained some degree of feeling and another 25% has begun to regain feeling.  I remain optimistic. 

Monday,  May 8  2006      V.E. Day -- Victory in Europe (1945)
The Rocky Mountain Model Club in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is having their Western Canadian Regional Model Contest 2006 on Saturday, May 13th 2006.
Sunday,  May 7  2006 
  • Alejandro Núñez "Marseille" has been busy weathering his 1/48 IAR-80 LTD Models.  I was quite impressed with the paint chipping on this one.   

  • Rob Knox has done quite the job on his 1/32 Tamiya F16-CJ.  You'll get a kick out of his one when you see it. 


Saturday,  May 6  2006 
Friday,  May 5  2006         Mexico --  Cinco De Mayo   

News from Meter Productions regarding the 1/32 F-105D canopies....they are now shipping!

Thanks to those of you who have been patiently waiting for Meter Productions to make the new molds for the 1/32 F-105D Open Canopy Conversion for Trumpeter, which fixes that abysmal spine and canopy on the Trumpeter kit. You'll find it was worth the wait. They changed several of their chemical processes and they designed a new molding technology, and the clear parts are coming out just beautiful. They've made their first set of production molds and are making additional molds every day, so they expect they will be caught up completely with the orders holding by within a week or less.

Thursday,  May 4  2006 
  • Edward A. Fuquay is back today with part 2 of his 1/32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat.  Today Ed works on the engine and weathering.   

  • Henrique V. Malzone joins us with his first article on ARC.  This is his very well done 1/48 Monogram He 111 torpedo bomber complete with white engine nacelles.  Nice job.  I look forward to seeing more of your models on ARC.  Welcome to ARC!!!   

  • Mark Rutt joins us with his very fine looking 1/48 Italeri Tornado.  Mark finished it in Royal Saudi Air Force markings and scratchbult cockpit details.   

  • Hidekazu Ogi is here from Japan with 2 photos of his 1/48 Academy Mig21MF.  This MiG-21 was finished in Hungarian AF Puma squadron markings.   

  • I have a review of the  1/32 resin Fokker Dr.I Conversion from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This includes the resin engine cowling and early style ailerons.   

  • Ron Dobrzelecki is here with a preview of the 1/48 Resin Curtiss XF6C-6 Racer  model kit from Fisher Models.  


Wednesday,  May 3  2006      Israel Independence Day   

  Poland Constitution Day  

Tuesday,  May 2  2006       
No update today.....I'm resting.
Monday,  May 1  2006                         May Day Labor Day

 First engagement of Argentine Airforce in Malvinas / Falklands War  

  • P. W. Stantiford starts your special May Day update with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/72 RVHP Be-12 "Mail" which was made froma  multi-media kit to produce this excellent looking model of this bent wing aircraft.  Welcome to ARC Patrick!!!   

  • Mukund Vora is here with his May Day article to honour Poland.  This is his 1/48 Su-22 M4 from KP.  Mukund gave his Su-22 a full weapons load and a fantastic paint job.  

  • Gabriel Stern is also here on May Day to honour Russia with his 1/72 ICM I-16.  This little model is up to Gabriel's usual high standards   

  • Leal Antoniazzi Pedro has dropped by with his 1/48 Monogram A/B-26K Nimrod.  Thiis sharp looking Counter Invader was built using the Cutting Edge Modelworks resin set. 

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 Fokker Dr.I Early Ailerons from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  These will permit you to replace the earlier ailerons with these earlier versions.

  • Vince Maddux  from VMDecals is here with a preview of the upcoming 1/72 P-3C Orion Decals.  You get a choice of 6 different schemes.  Vince is testing the waters here to make sure there is demand for this sheet.