Thursday,   Nov 30  2006

  Barbados National Day     Scotland - St. Andrew's Day  

  • Andreas Beck begins today's update with a small selection of photos UK Nationals 2006.  I'll post more pics in the coming week.   

  • Pablo Girgulsky is here with part 2 of his trainer aircraft trilogy.  Today he features his 1/50 Revell TF-9j Cougar.  Part 3 runs tomorrow.  

  • Shawn Phantom Weiler has repainted his 1/72 C-119 Boxcar in the more colourful paint scheme.  This is the CDN scheme I prefer over the new lo-viz grey schemes.   

  • Dan McWilliams has done a very nice job on his 148 Hasegawa Canadair Sabre Mk6.  Dan chose the attractive European camo scheme for his F-86.  

  • Bernard Lapeyrie joins us with his beautifully done 1/48 Hasegawa A6M2b.  Bernard also made up a first class carrier deck display base for his fighter.  

  • I have a preview of the new 1/48 and 1/72 B-26 Marauder decal sheet from Zotz Decals.  This decal sheet features 5 aircraft with noseart....some with sexy noseart. 

  • I have a review of the new Sanding Sticks from Victory Models which includes 4 different sticks of different individually or a set of all 4.

  • Raffaele Mancini from Model Publishing is here with a product announcement of their new book FIRST AND FOREMOST from Model Publishing.  This is a An illustrated History of CARRIER AIR WING ONE - Part One 1934-1957. 


Wednesday,   Nov 29  2006

  Albania Liberation Day 

Tuesday,   Nov 28  2006

 Mauritania Independence Day 

  • Sam Chia has put quite a bit of effort into his sharp looking 1/48 Hasegawa F14B Tomcat.  I LOVE this Tomcat and I'm sure you will too!!!  

  • Andrew Eaton has done a stunning job on his 1/72 Felixstowe F.2A.  The one is built mostly out of the box with some very skilful masking and painting.   

  • Hiran Horta has done an exceptionally nice job building and finishing his1/72 Academy F-86.  The baremetal finish came out looking very well and the markings are a hoot to see.   

  • Alberto Borzellino joins us with his beautifully done1/48 Tamiya F-51D Mustang.  This lovely Mustang was weathered and finished in the markings for Fuerza Aerea Boliviana.  

  • Alex Cook is here with a review of the  Mr Superbooth Spray Booth.  Thus is an innovative and portable design well worth having a look at.   


Monday,   Nov 27  2006      No update today

Sunday,   Nov 26  2006 
  • Rafi Ben-Shahar begins your Sunday update with not one but two 1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-2 Dauntless.  Rafi has a talent for getting models looking right and these two are no exception.    

  • Jeff Brundt is here with his award winning 1/144 RevellAG B-52H Stratofortress that he built with his son Evan.  Jeff also included this beauty as part of a Group Build here on ARC. 


Saturday,   Nov 25  2006 

  Suriname Independence Day  

  • Firat Emre Saygin begins today with his 1/48 Tamiya F4D-1 Skyray.  Although this model was build out of the box, Firat did give it those extra weathering touches that bring a model to life. 

  • Tolga Ulgur is here with another scale beauty.  Today he joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya P-47D-1 Thunderbolt.  Tolga gave it his usual high quality of weathering and turned out a lovely scale representation of the Jug including sexy nose art from PYN up decals.   


Friday,   Nov 24  2006 
Thursday,   Nov 23  2006  

   US Thanksgiving Day  

Wednesday,   Nov 22  2006 

  Lebanon Independence Day  

  • Chew Eng Hui has done an outstanding job building and weathering his 1/48 Hasegawa F-14D Tomcat.   Chew tells the whole tale of building his Tomcats and how he weathered it in his article.

  • Shawn Phantom Weiler is here to prove he doesn't just build jet fighters.  This is his 1/72 Airfix CC-130 Herc.  This earlier scheme is one of the most attractive schemes seen on the Canadian my humble opinion.  

  • Dr. Vatche Mitilian has some In-flight Photos he took in Lebanon.  These include Lebanese and US helicopters.

  • Emad Tabsh is here with a book review of the new Hawker Hunter - 1951 to 2007 Written by David J. Griffin.  This book will interest anyone with a love for the hunter.   


Tuesday,   Nov 21  2006 
I've set up a new manufacturers forum for Deployment Productions.  You can see one of their new prints further down in today's F-14 print!!
Monday,   Nov 20  2006 
Oooops....I got the US Thanksgiving Day date wrong yesterday.  I'm happy to report most ARC'ers in the US took my word for it and had a beer and took the day off work.  :-)
  • Keith Money is here to make all the Tomcat lovers grin with his 1/32 Revell Tomcat.  Keith added a vehicle, bomb trolley and figures to his carrier deck diorama.  His Tomcat had plenty of extra detailing and is quite impressive. 

  • Dragan joins us with his nicely done 1/72 Revell F-4U5 Corsair.  Dragan brush painted his corsair which is pretty darn amazing and gave it weathering to make it look more like a dirty Navy fighter.  

  • Ray Seppala  is here with something you don't see everyday.  This is his 1/144 Revel Lockheed C-5A Galaxy.  Heck....even in 1/144 it looks big.  Ray tells all about building this out-of-production kit.  Nice one Ray.    

  • Konley Kelley has been busy building and detailing his  1/35 Academy Bell 47D.  Konley went to great lengths researching his diorama......can you find Radar's Teddy Bear?   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a review of the  1/48 EA-6B VAQ-140 Patriot Prowler decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   


Sunday,   Nov 19  2006    Monaco National Day  
  • Jim Sullivan has been busy getting the details correct on his nicely done 1/48 Italeri F/A-18E Super Hornet.  Jim tells what is involved to build this kit and which areas will require your attention.   

  • Alain Tricot is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa Macchi 202.  Alian built his Macchi 202 with a resin cockpit and wheels and a complicated looking camo scheme.   


Saturday,   Nov 18  2006     Oman National Day   Latvia National Day  
  • Rafi Ben-Shahar is here with not one but two of his 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf- 110G-4.  Rafi includes some helpful info if you plan on building one of these lovely kits.   

  • Sim Kuo-Hua joins us today with a selection of his nicely done  1/72 Hasegawa RSAF F-16's.  This F-16 collection include single and two seater F-16's. 


Friday,   Nov 17  2006 
I've been sick from a flu bug the past few days, so the updates have been smaller than normal.  I seem to be on the mend least I hope so.
  • Hiran Horta starts today with his 1/72 Academy Ju-87 Stuka.  Hiran found this kit to be quite the enjoyable build and he tells about building this beauty in his article.

  • Jeroen Berkvens has done a fine job building his 1/72 Hasegawa F8J Crusader.  Jeroen added a weapons load and bicentennial markings.

  • Charlie Johnson joins us with his 1/35 MRC Bell UH1C Charlie built his Heuy mostly out of the box with some scratchbuilding to improve the detail.

  • Evan Brundt & Dad were busy building the 1/144 RevellAG E-3A Sentry AWACS.  This isn't the best fitting kit as you'll read in their article, but they got her done in fine style.  Well done guys!!!


Thursday,   Nov 16  2006 
Wednesday,   Nov 15  2006 
Tuesday,   Nov 14  2006 
There have been problems linking from the ARC homepage to the Twobobs website.  I know this caused me to have quite a few withdrawl symptoms.  I have changed the link on the ARC homepage to and that seems to sort out the problem.  You might want to update your favorites on your own computer and remove the www from the URL.
Monday,   Nov 13  2006        No update today.

My Internet connection is very slow tonight (Sunday night) and I'm having great difficulty uploading the update.

Sunday,   Nov 12  2006   Remembrance Sunday in the UK 
  • Laurent Boildieu has done a wonderful job weathering his 1/48 Hasegawa P-40E.  Laurent added seatbelts and  finished his desert P-40 in the markings of a WW2 Ace.

  • Sam Chia has done an outstanding job detailing and weathering his 1/48 Hasegawa F-4B/N.  Sam rescribed his Phantom and added resin detail parts and aftermarket decals and finally it off with weathering.

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is no funny picture and daily joke today in honor of Remembrance Sunday in the UK.

Saturday,   Nov 11  2006   Remembrance Day -- Veterans Day 

  Poland Independence Day  

At the 11 hour on the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918 the guns fell silent.  The horror of the Great War was over and we vowed ...never again.  Less than 20 years later we broke that vow and hostilities began in China and we learned to number our World Wars.  As a planet we have learned to ignore the realities of war and betray the promise we made in 1918......Never again....Lest we forget. 
  • Yufei Mao starts this update with one of the best looking MiG-21 paint schemes.  This is his 1/72 Fujimi MiG-21MF "Lancer" which he spent quite a bit of effort improving the details on as you'll see in his photos and read about in his article.

  • Alfredo García is here with his 1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang in the markings for the Tuskegee Airmen.  The story of the Tuskegee Airmen is one of the more positive stories to come out of WW2 and well worth reading up on.  Alfredo captures the look of this aircraft perfectly.  

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is no funny picture and daily joke today in honor of Remembrance Day -- Veterans Day.

Friday,   Nov 10  2006      USMC Birthday (1775)   

  Indonesia's "Remembrance" day  

Thursday,   Nov 9  2006     Cambodia Independence Day  
Wednesday,   Nov 8  2006      Greece --  Hellenic Air Force Day  
I'm very pleased to welcome Deployment Productions as a new ARC Sponsor.  They are a company that specializes in Profiles, Prints, Lihographies.  They offer  20% off of any products for every registered ARC community members!    
Tuesday,   Nov 7  2006 
  • Phillip Steele is here with his exceptionally nice 1/144 Revell Challenger CL-604.  Philip performed some extra work and detailing to improve the realism of his VIP aircraft and finished it in those ever popular red maple leaf markings.  

  • David Shen has proven that 1/72 markigns can be painted on.  This is his 1/72 Academy Fw-190D9 complete with a flawless paint job that made a serious effort to get the historical details correct for this particular fighter.  

  • Jojo B Cruz is here to teach you all a serious lesson.  This stunning 1/48 Tamiya F-15J  is brush painted.  After seeing this beauty I have no excuse for the poor quality airbrushed paint schemes I'm infamous for.  I salute you Jojo!!!  

  • Thierry Jacques is here with his 1/72 Grumman F6F5 Hellcat that served during the Indochina War in Vietnam with the French navy.  Thierry  weathered his hellcat to give it that battle weary look of realism.  

  • Sam Chia has persisted in building his 1/48 Hitech Vautour into a very carefully crafted model of this Israeli jet.  Sam has good and not-so-good comments about this kit if you are pondering giving it a try. 

  • The Members of the ARC Heavies Group Build are here with their massive selection of complete model from the 2006 ARC Heavies Group Build.  WOW....42 models in all!!!  Special thanks to Jay Allman for putting together this article.   

  • I have a review of the  1/72 B-24 Ploesti Heroes, Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP Decals.  This decal sheets features markings for 2 aircraft in a total of 4 different schemes. 

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of the  1/48 F-16C Colorado ANG Minute Men 50th Anniversary decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  


Monday,   Nov 6  2006 
Sunday,   Nov 5  2006 
  • Louis Chang starts today with his 1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang.   Louis gave his Mustang the finishing touch with a baremetal finish and sexy noseart.

  • Daniel has today's jet for your enjoyment.  This is his 1/32 Academy F/A-18D Hornet in Tiger Stripes as flown by the USMC.....complete with a full weapons load.  


Saturday,   Nov 4  2006 
  • Tim Groombridge begins today with his sweet little 1/144 Revell TF104-G Starfighter.   I don't know what it is but I love modern jets in Luftwaffe markings.  Tim used 3000 pieces of Photo etch on his F-104.  Just kidding. 

  • Rodney Williams has dropped by with two of his Racing Corsairs "57-2" & "74".  Rodney is without a doubt the biggest expert I've met when it comes to racing Corsairs....and he's a darn fine guy to have a beer with as well as I found out at the KC Nats.  


Friday,   Nov 3  2006     Panama Independence Day   
I'm pleased to announce that ARC had over one million hits to it's homepage during the month of October.  This is the first time the ARC homepage has broken the 'million hit mark' during a one month period.  Thanks to all of you for helping ARC break this milestone!!!
  • Tigre del Aire begins today with a selection of photos from the recent XXI IPMS Guayaquil National Contest.  Well done to all involved in this very successful contest.  

  • Shawn Phantom Weiler is here to prove he doesn't only build Phantoms.  This is Shawn's very nicely built 1/48 Trumpeter Wellington.   

  • Karl Holubar is here with his 1/32 Revell F 16C conversion.  This particular model took 20 eyars to compelte although KArl wasn't exactly working on it solidly for the whole 20 years.  Karl did some scratchbuilding to complete his conversion.   

  • Laurent Boildieu joins us with his 1/48 Academy Spitfire Mk XIV.  This sopecial Spitfire was flown bya  Free French Ace during WW2.  Laurent did this fine model justice with his skillful modelling talents.   

  • Oishi dropped by the ARC Cprporate offices in Thailand with his 1/48 Academy F-14 Tomcat.  This special Tomcat has quite the effective weathering job.  Nice one Oishi.  

  • Carlos Herrera is here from Mexico with his 1/35 UH-60 Black Hawk.   Carlos did a fine job on his Black Hawk....including the figures.

  • Mario Mifsud has today's last model.  This is his 1/72 Mirage 2000D with a wonderfully done weahtering job on this beautiful 2 seater Mirage.   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of the  1/48 F/A-18F Rockin' Rhinos #4 VFA-102 50th Anniv. Jet decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   


Thursday,   Nov 2  2006 
Wednesday,   Nov 1  2006    Algeria Revolution Day  
  • Daniël Obers starts you Wednesday update with his well details and beautifully painted 1/72 Hasegawa RF-4EJ Kai.   This Phantom is in Japanese clours and that paint scheme always looks good. 

  • Alex Sidharta had a devil of a time building his 1/72 Heller E-2C Hawkeye.  This is not the best fitting model in the world and a tail sitter as well but Alex overcame all this and still turned out a striking looking Hawkeye.  

  • Paulo Guimarães joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya F-16A.  Paulo finished his Viper in Portuguese air force markings after he fixed some of the problem areas on his F-16 to make a great looking jet fighter. 

  • Krzysiek Gojski did a impressive job on his 1/48 Hasegawa P-40N.  All markings on this model were painted on and that takes skill and patience. 

  • Dave Hardie has tackled the 1/32 Revell Bell X-1 with masterful skill ad patience.  Dave used the Cutting Egde decal sheet and turned out an eye catching model of this record breaker.   

  • Hiran Horta joins us with his 1/72 Academy P-51B.  Hiran added weathering and sexy noseart to his lovely looking Mustang.  

  • Mark S. joins us with his Tools 'n' Tips article about applying F-22A Raptor Paint.  Mark will give you some much needed help with his article if you try to build a Raptor. 

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 resin and photo etch Israel AF AH-64D-I 'Saraf' conversion kit  from Isracast - Isradecals.  This set is amazingly complete.