Wednesday,   Jan 31  2007

Indochina War -- 10,000Day War -- Vietnam War anniversary 

This day 2 of the special 3 day update marking the anniversary of the start of the Tet Offensive.  This offensive began on the night of January 30–31, 1968, Tết Nguyên Đán (the lunar new year day). The offensive began spectacularly during celebrations of the Lunar New Year and lasted about two months, although some sporadic operations associated with the offensive continued into 1969. The Tet offensive was a tactical defeat for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces, but it inflicted severe damage on American civilian morale and contributed to the withdrawal American forces from the country.
  • Frank Crenshaw begins today with his 1/48 Academy MiG-21 PF.  Frank did his MiG up to his usual vewry high standards and finished it in a baremetal finish. 

  • Rafi Ben-Shahar stopped by with his 1/48 Tamiya Douglas A-1H Skyraider.   Rafi added exhaust stains to the fuselage and oil stains to the belly tank.

  • Huy Tran has done a very fine job building his1/72 Matchbox Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina.  This calalina was built OOB with some very realistic weathering and finished in French markings.  

  • Let_models has been busy building his 1/48 Academy F-5B Freedom Fighter.   Although this is based on an older model, this F-5 came out looking very sharp with some careful attention and some aftermarket decals.  

  • Bud Highleyman is here with his beautifully finished 1/35 Seminar UH-1B.  Bud used an after market set to modify his Huey.  

  • Richard Bullock is here with his 1/72 Italeri B-57B Canberra.   Richand goes into good detail about this aircraft's time in Vietnam.  Very nice looking model Richard.

  • Huy Tran did some extra work and modifications to create this special 1/32 Revell AH-1C as you'll read in his article.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the sharks mouth paint scheme.   

  • Björn Dol stopped by with his 1/48 Revell A-1H Skyraider.   Björn folded the wings and added a full weapons load to his Skyraider.

  • Julian Schüngel joins us with his 1/48 Italeri Bell UH-1D he has titled 'We were soldiers'.  Julian added photoetch to improve the detail on his Huey.   

  • Huy Tran has dropped by with his 1/48 Testor F8F-2 Bearcat.  Huy finished his Bearcat OOB with a weapons load and French markings.   

  • Tuan Tonthat is here with a large selection of models of aircraft that served in Vietnam.  He calls his article Some of VNAF inventory and there is quite the variety here.

  • Ron Dobrzelecki  is here with his 1/48 Tamiya A1-H SkyraiderRon finished his Skyraider in USS Intrepid markings complete with the stinging bumblebee. 


Tuesday,   Jan 30  2007

Indochina War -- 10,000Day War -- Vietnam War anniversary 

I received so many articles for today's update I will be breaking it into 3 updates......special thanks to everyone that participated in today's special Indochina War -- 10,000Day War -- Vietnam War anniversary updates.

  • Rick Reinbott is the guy responsible for getting the ball rolling for this special Indochina War -- 10,000Day War -- Vietnam War anniversary update.  Rick  begins today's update with his 1/48 Testors F8F Bearcat ‘Indochina Cat’.   Rick did quite a bit of work to modify his Bearcat to make it a French Beacat that served with the French in Vietnam. 

  • Ivan Rich is here with his 1/48 Tamiya A1H Skyraider.   Ivan includes history of this aircraft and when it deployed to Vietnam.  Quite the well done model.

  • Triet Cam joins us with his 1/72 Academy A-37B Dragonfly.   Triet added extra details and improved the kit details to create his very nice looking colorful Dragonfly.

  • Dave Marshall stopped by with his TOKO P-63 Kingcobra.  This aircraft served in Vietnam with the French and Dave tells all about it in his article.  Nice one Dave.  

  • Julian Schüngel  is here with the first chopper in this update.  This is his 1/48 Revell UH-1M 'Easy Rider' with quite the sharks mouth on the nose.   

  • Dennis Cermak joins us with his 1/72 Testors/Italeri B-57B Canberra.   Dennis finished his Canberra in SEA camo scheme with "Hells Angel" sexy nose art.

  • Eric Hargett  is here with his 1/48 Tamiya A-1H Skyraider.  Eric finished his Spad in "The Good Buddha" noseart markings and SEA camo from 1968.  

  • Andrew Desautels (aka Andrew D) is here with his 1/72 Kopro MiG-21PFV kitbash.  Andrew chose a North Vietnamese MiG for today's update.  I found the way the camo scheme was applied on these jets and this model quite interesting.  Nice one Andrew.   

  • Wiggy joins us with his 1/48 Monogram T-28 Trojan.   The T-28 served in Vietnam until it was replaced by the Skyraider.

  • Ron Dobrzelecki stopped by with his 1/32 Tamiya F4D.  Ron finished his SEA F-4 in Steve Ritchie markings.  I'd like to congratulate Ron on being recently notified that he will be receiving from the state of New Jersey their Distinguish service metal and Vietnam service metal in May of this year.  Well deserved Ron.


Monday,   Jan 29  2007
  • The Exposition of I.P.M.S. Moorsele (Belgium) is this coming Saturday.  This is an expo for all types of modelling, airplanes, tanks, figurines, cars, boats......and many more.  It starts on 3 February 2007 at O.C DE NEERBEEK (Bissegem) Belgium. 

  • Paolo Yuen has done an outstanding job building and weathering his 1/32 Tamiya Tomcat.  This F-14 was improved with a resin cockpit.  

  • Renato "NIGHTRIDER" Torin Jr. is here with his 1/72 Liberty Embraer 110 P1 - Bandeirante.  This is a resin kit specially made for modellers interested in building Brazilian aircraft.  Renato improved the model slightly and turned out a great looking aircraft model.  

  • Dennis Cermak has done a fine job building his Box Scale Revell History Makers Martin P-6M Seamaster.  This is one very cool looking jet powered flying boat.   

  • Fred Bosselman has done a first class job detailing and finishing his 1/32 Matchbox DH 82a Tiger Moth.   He's displayed it in a diorama that he explains in his article.  He also included the history of this aircraft in New Zealand.  


Friday,   Jan 26  2007 

  Australia Day  

  India Republic Day    

The service for Al Superczynski is at the Pavillion at Arkansas State Veteran's Cemetery in North Little Rock at 1100, Monday 29 January.

I'm not doing updates for the next few days.  I need time off to recharge my batteries and get caught up on many ARC issues that I've had to put on the back burner.  Updates will resume on Monday.


Thursday,   Jan 25  2007 
Steve Filak is here to put into words, the thoughts we all feel with the sudden passing of  Al Superczynski.

The online modeling community was stunned on Wednesday evening by the news of the sudden loss of our dear friend, Al Superczynski. Those of you who have been around the Internet for a number of years will no doubt remember "Modeler Al" from the old days of the scale modeling newsgroup rec.models.scale. Al was a cornerstone of the online community, long before the days of ARC, Hyperscale, Modeling Madness, Internet Modeler, or any of the other major scale modeling websites. In the "Wild West" environment that was rec.models.scale, Al was an ambassador of goodwill, sharing his knowledge and advice with anyone who asked. He was also an avid trader, and if you were around R.M.S. in the early 90's, chances are you traded with Al at some point.

Al was a retired Master Sergeant with the United States Army, and in addition to his numerous contributions to the hobby, he was an editor and monthly columnist at
Internet Modeler, penning "Al's Old Kit Corner" each month for the publication. Al was a connoisseur of vintage kits, and would take one of his old gems out of the stash each month to provide readers with a slice of scale modeling's history. He also had his own website, Al's Place, where you can see a number of his finely crafted auto, aircraft, and even armor models. His old signature at rec.models. scale was "Build what YOU want, the way YOU want to....and the critics will flame you every time", and was a reflection of his philosophy regarding the hobby. 

In addition to his many contributions to the hobby, Al was one of the first people to welcome many of us to the online modeling realm, and will be fondly remembered by those of us who knew him, both on the Web, and in person. His impact on the hobby is both impressive and far-reaching, and we will all miss him; he was truly one of a kind. My sincerest condolences go out to Al's family and close friends, and I hope you'll all take a moment to remember Al in your thoughts and prayers today.

The service for Al Superczynski is at the Pavillion at Arkansas State Veteran's Cemetery in North Little Rock at 1100, Monday 29 January.

Steve Filak

On January 30th, 2007 ARC will have a theme titled "The 10,000 Day War: Vietnam 1945-1975". We're looking for articles featuring any aircraft (including helicopters) that served in this conflict during this time period. Examples of aircraft would include those of France (Armee de l'Air, Aeronavale), South Vietnam (VNAF), North Vietnam (VPAF), USA (USAF, USN, USMC, U.S. Army, CIA) and other relevant nations. January 30th has been chosen as the date because that's the anniversary of the beginning of the Tet Offensive in 1968. Please also include some historical text in your article about the aircraft that your model(s) represents.

If you'd like your model to be posted as part of this theme, please include the following text in the subject line of your e-mail to ARC: Post on Jan 30 - Indochina War update.  Go here for submission info.
  • Mario Fernandez gets today started off on the right foot with his 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18E.    Mario added a full weapons load some good old fashioned skill.  I never did figure out what Mario did with the Tamiya smoke.  Perhaps he'll do up a Tools n Tips article for us.  Nice Super Hornet Mario.

  • Carmel John Attard dropped by the ARC Corporate offices in Malta with his 1/72 Airmodel Do-11D Prilep ("Bat").  This unique looking aircraft is finished in Bulgarian Air Force markings.  Carmel includes the history behind this odd looking bomber.

  • Vladimír Žucha joins us with his very nicely done 1/144 Revell Airbus A 319 finished in Germanwings colours.  Nice one Vladimir. 

  • Jeroen Berkvens joins us with his 1/72 Airfix Grumman Avenger in Dutch markings.  Jeroen is going back in time and remembering the earlier days of modelling with regards to Airfix.....his article brings back fond memories.


Wednesday,   Jan 24  2007 
I was saddened to hear of the untimely passing of ARC regular Carlos "Cachito" Nacer.  Carlos lived in Ecuador and was killed in a car accident while returning from the beach with friends, two friends were also injured.  Carlos was confined to a wheel chair, but still managed to turn out amazing well done models.  Below you'll be able to see 2 of his models that are here on ARC.  
  • Carlos "Cachito" Nacer begins this special update with his second article for ARC.  This is his recently completed 1/72 Italeri F-104S.  He will be missed in Peru and all around our little planet. 

  • Carlos "Cachito" Nacer also had his first and article on ARC a few weeks ago.  It was his 1/72 Tamiya F-84G Thunderjet  and Carlso did a first class job on it.   Adios WILL  be missed.

  • Louis Chang is here with another of his display case beauties.  This is his  1/72 Hasegawa Avro Lancaster  complete with scratchbuilt detail and excellently done weathering. 

  • Mirko Meier joins us from Peru with his  1/48 Academy Mig-29UB.  Mirko added plenty of detail and weathered his MiG just right and finished it in Peruvian Air Force markings.

  • Halsted Morris is here with a very funny model I was supposed to run during Silly Week.  This is his 1/720 Revell German Catamaran Aircraft Carrier.  Sorry it's late Halsted.

  • Mr Nicola Tresin is here with some Hawker Hunter Mk.58 walkarond photos.  Thanks!!!


Tuesday,   Jan 23  2007 
Things are keeping busy at the ARC Corporate offices with my youngest daughter sick with the flu.
  • Raphael L Marbella, MD starts your Tuesday update with his 1/48 Eduard Heinkel 280.  Raphael did up his excellent looking Heinkel 280 ina  what if scheme complete with a display base.  

  • Gabriel Stern is here to make you grin with his Scratch built 1/72 Bleriot V.  I'm not sure why.....but Gabriel calls this one the "Ugly duckling"....say it ain't so.  This plane is proof too much beer does not enhance aircraft designs.

  • Raphael Santos joins us for the first time on ARC with his nicely done 1/72 DML MiG-17.  Raphael built his bare metal beauty mostly out of the box with some added cockpit detailing as well as carefully applied weathering.  Welcome to ARC Raphael!!!   

  • Vladimír Žucha joins us with his 1/144 Zvezda Ilyushin Il-86 Aeroflot.  This is sure to make the airliner modellers happy. 

  • Jim Carswell is here with some Canadian Chinook  walkarond photos.  Thanks!!!


Monday,   Jan 22  2007 
No update today.....I had a busy weekend and was not able to get an update together for today.
Sunday,   Jan 21  2007 
  • "Tojo" Modeller from Thailand stopped by the ARC Corporate offices in Thailand with his flawlessly done 1/72 S-2F Tracker Royal Thai Navy.  "Tojo" did a prefect job on his tracker, it's very nice to see it.  

  • Felice De Leo “The Black Sheep” from the lovely island of Sicily with his 1/72 Heller SNCASE SE535 Mistral (Vampire).  Felice made his Vampire as a Naval version with very good results.  He has a question in his article for anyone with info about Ki-43's &  Ki-36's used by the French in indochina.


Saturday,   Jan 20  2007 
I'm a bit late today on the update, my oldest daughter was running a 104 temp last night, so I didn't get much sleep.  I'm relieved to say her temp is now below 100 and with a pinch of luck she's past the worst.  Thanks goodness for medicine. 
  • Bill Lachance starts today with his 1/48 Eduard Bf 108 Taifun.  Bill has done the usual high quality of detail I enjoy seeing so much on his models. 

  • Paolo Yuen has been building his 1/32 Tamyia F-15E.  Paolo added quite the full weapons load as well as other detail and some careful weathering to his Strike Eagle. 


Friday,   Jan 19  2007 
Thursday,   Jan 18  2007      No update today
Due to the buggy nature of the ARC forums.....I have reloaded them and moved them to a new location.  All posts from the past 24 hours did not survive the move. 
Wednesday,   Jan 17  2007 
I have adjusted the Forum settings for the Calendar section that were preventing calendar events from showing up in the Calendar section.  My deep apologies to everyone that posted events only to have them not show up in the Calendar section. 
Tuesday,   Jan 16  2007 
Monday,   Jan 15  2006
Sunday,   Jan 14  2007 
  • Tolga Ulgur joins us from Turkey with another one of his masterpieces.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G finished in a  very realistic bare metal finish to which he added Turkish markings.  Tolga has many articles on ARC and all his work is first class. 

  • Manuel Negri has done a splendid job building his 1/48 Tamiya Me Bf-109E-7/Trop.  Manuel detailed the cockpit and added a display base complete with figures and even a  Kettenkrad.  Click here to see this article in Italian 


Saturday,   Jan 13  2007 
  • Li Weiguang starts today with an awesome 1/48 Academy P-47D.   Weiguang did a fantastic job on the bare metal finish and weathering.

  • Juanjo Dominguez did a beautiful job on his 1/72 Revell F-15B.    Juanjo chose to finish his F-15B in the very attractive Ferris Scheme. 


Friday,   Jan 12  2007 
Thursday,   Jan 11  2007 
Wednesday,   Jan 10  2007

  Soviet counteroffensive under Stalingrad 1943  

  • Tong+71 Thailand has done an exceptionally nice job building, detailing his  and finishing his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16I SUFA.  No matter how long I live....the  Israeli F-16's will always look good.....let's hope they never change toa  low-viz paint scheme. 

  • Bill Retoff joins us today with his very well done 1/72 Monogram F8F Bearcat.  Bill finished his Bearcat in markings from 1952.   

  • Alan Thompson joins us for the first time on ARC with his sharp looking 1/72 Airffix BAe Hawk, DragonHawk.  Alan joins us from Scotland and I must confess the RAF Dargon scheme he chose is one I quite enjoyed seeing.  Welcome to ARC Alan!!!  

  • Gabriel Stern is here to show us the early side of aviation with his Scratchbuilt 1/72 Renard R-17.  Although this model is a straight forward looking shape.....I tip my hat to Gabriel for scratchbuilding it and pulling it off.  

  • Mark Brockway  joins us for the first time on ARC with his flawlessly done  1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom II.  Mark sure has shown up with a lovely Phantom as his first model on ARC.  He's used much skill and some aftermarket goodies to detail and finish his F-4.  Welcome to ARC Mark!!! 

  • Tom Docherty is our roving ARC reporter in Scotland and he's here today with a selection of photos showing the high quality of work displayed at the recent  Elgin (Scotland) Model Show 2006.   

  • Albert Moore is here with a review of the  1/72 F/A -18C  Leatherneck Charlies decal sheet from MAW DecalsThis sheet features two full color CAG birds and two standard Lo-Viz aircraft.  

  • Spada-decals is a new decal line and the Spada-decals Team is here with a product announcement for 2 new decal sheets.  These are their 1/48 scale Vickers Wellington Mk IC and 1/32 scale Macchi C200 decal sheets

  • David Horn is here with some A-7D walkarond photos.  Thanks David!!!


Tuesday,   Jan 9  2007 
Monday,   Jan 8  2007
Sunday,   Jan 7  2007     Last Day of Silly Week 2007!!!
  • Alvis 3.1 begins the last day of silly Week with his weird and wacky 1/24 ShuttleBug 2.  And yes....Alvis 3.1 has included a story to explain this spacecraft.  

  • Shalom Yair has done a first class job building and detailing his 1/35 Academy M163A1/ Vulcan SPAAG.  Shalom finished it off in IDF markings.

  • Tory Mucaro has dropped by with his Aerobatic School.  Now you too can learn to fly like the Blue Angels.

  • Shawn Phantom Weiler has moved into the big world of 1/18 Armor Toys.  This is his 1/18 Toy Jeep.  he's even included a photos of his kitten.

  • Dave Bailey has been busy building his Breguet Calypso.  Dave has included the full history to back up this aircraft.  

  • Marcelo Irigoyen is here today from Argentina  with his Scratchbuilt 1/24 M3A2 Israeli halftrack.  This scratchbuilt beauty took 3 years to create.   

  • Nick Walton is here with his 1/72 RAF Guardian AC.1.  This is the British version of the AC-130.  

  • David Campbell has dropped by with his final model for Silly Week 2007.  This is his 1/6 (?) scale S.A.F.S girl.....I get a kick out of these figure model David has built and posted on ARC in the past.   

  • Bud Sliger joins us with his BAC Lightning F.7.  You'll find his story about this aircraft quite convincing.  

  • Alfonso Barajas has been busy building his 1/25 AMT/ERTL American Lefrance Fire Pumper.  He's provided plenty of photos and info how he built and detailed this very fine model.   

  • Tim N Mansfield is here with his Matchbox T55 Lightning.  This special lightning is finished in USAF and USN colours.  

  • Carlos Herrera is here from México 1/35 Tamiya M1a2 Abrams.   Carlos put quite a bit of effort into detailling and weathering his Abrams.

  • Alvis 3.1 finishes of Silly Week 2007 with his Sometime in the recent past...  This is an image from Giggle alternate reality from Google Earth.


Saturday,   Jan 6  2007 
My Internet connection died just as I was loading the update this I've had to wait for the connection to come back.
Friday,   Jan 5  2007 
  • Alvis 3.1 begins today with his 1/72 F-35A United States Armed Forces Air Demonstration Composite Unit.  Here Alvis 3.1 shows you what the F-35 will look like when performing at future airshows.  He of course provides the full story about how this came about. 

  • Tim N Mansfield is here with his very creative Variable Geometry English Electric Lightning.   It looks like the F-14 Tomcat could have had some serious competition.

  • Dave Bailey is here with the story behind the little known Spanish aircraft nicknamed  The Toro.   

  • Nick Walton is here with his 1/72 RAF Tornado FG.5.  Holy heck....the story for this one starts off with quite the beginning......Royal Watchers beware.   

  • Bud Sliger is here with his EB-1B Narsil.  Bud has included the full story behind this secret unknown varient and it's top secret mission over the Soviet Union. 


Thursday,   Jan 4  2007

  Union of Myanmar Independence Day 

  • Alvis 3.1 gets things started today with his 1/87 Airbus A-303.  This is a little known Airbus aircraft that most of you might not remember.....but Alvis has included a full history to remind you.  

  • David Campbell has done an outstanding job on one ot the most popular Star Trek TNG Klingons in his article called ...Perhaps someday, but not today!  This is Chancellor  Gowron. 

  • Alvis 3.1 is back with his 1/72 F-32A JSF.  This is the USN version of this aircraft and of course Alvis has included a full story with this What-if scheme.  

  • Bud Sliger is here with his Tu-22MKI "Stingray".  The story with Bud Tu-22 makes for some very entertaining reading......very creative history...  

  • Jeff Brundt is here with his 1/35 Trumpeter SA-2 Guidline.  Jeff provided the full story behind this SAM.


Wednesday,   Jan 3  2007 
  • Alvis 3.1 begins today with another of his zanny creations.  This is his 1/72 SuperbMarine SpatFire Mark 1b.  It seems this special little aircraft dates to the dark, dire days of the BOB in Sept 1940.   

  • Bill Harr has got a good one here....this is his Super Kingfisher.  Bill has included the history behind this "What-if" pre-war design.   

  • David Campbell has put his modeling skills to good use creating this rusted out Ditch Bank Okie.  David has rusted and beaten this truck to resemble something we've all owned or come close to owning.  

  • Chris Payne is here with his "What-if" 1/72 Airfix Strikemaster FGA.6  complete with full history.....   

  • Carl Gootzen is here with his Bathing Gnome, scale 1/?.  A silly week wouldn't be complete without at least one Gnome.  


Tuesday,   Jan 2  2007 
  • Harry Quirk begins today with his amusing article telling about the history of The Birth of Stealth.  Harryu has included quite a few models to back up his story.   

  • Pieter Posthumus has been scratchbuilding many details on his 1/12 Tamiya Honda NSR 500.  Yet another example of a first rate motorcycle model.  

  • Nick Walton is here with his "What if" 1/48 Monogram IDF AV-8B "Cherev".  Nick backs up his model with the full history.   

  • Jeff & Evan Brundt have been very busy building the 1/72 Hasegawa Leopold K5(E) Railway Gun.  Jeff has included the history of this massive gun.  Well done Evan and Jeff!!!  

  • Bud Sliger  is here with his "What if" TB-52D 'Pave Beast'.  Bud has included full history about this aircraft type....  

  • Phil Peterson  is here with his "What if" 1/72 Academy ROK F-47 Thunderbolt.  It seems this aircraft took part in the Korean war.....according to the history in Phil's article....   


Monday,   Jan 1  2007

  Cuba Anniversary of the Revolution 

  Haiti Independence Day    Sudan Independence Day 

  • Silly Week 2007 has begun.  You will see everything but serious aircraft models on ARC for the next week.  
  • The passing of the New Year went well with myself, my wife and our two daughters staying up to midnight and toasting in the New Year at home with tall glasses of milk.  This is the first year we've not had to secretly put the clocks ahead to help our kids stay up to "midnight". 
  • Alvis 3.1 begins this years Silly Week with another of his wacky gems.  This is his Victoria BC Police Departments' "Zero Tolerance" policy.    

  • Dave Bailey has a most amusing "what if" chopper from Finland called The Sudenkorento.   At least I think it is a "What if" chopper.....  ;-)

  • Dan Duna has been up to his usual high level of imagination and scratchbuilding.  This is Dan's Unnamed Starship.  NASA could really use Dan to design the next space ships.  

  • Alvis 3.1 is back again with his article You Dang Street Racing Kids!  It seems street racing kids are not just a problem in your neighbourhood.  I suspect the State Trooper in this article patrols in Roswell, New Mexico.  

  • Daniel Schlosser is here with a very impressive Revell Germany U-BOOT Type VIIC U96.  This model is flawlessly done and finished and is almost 1 meter  or 3 feet long.  

  • Shawn Phantom Weiler has dropped by with a selection of his 1/48 Canadian Skyhawks.  I believe these are "What if" markings.....  ;-)