RCN  (Royal Canadian Navy) 'Tracker'

by Bob Gignac


This RCN  (Royal Canadian Navy) 'Tracker' photo was lent to me by my father-in-law who was on the aircraft carrier HMCS Bonnaventure at the time (1960's). The CS2F 'tracker' may have been from the 'Bonnie' but is probably from the naval air station at Shearwater, Nova Scotia. The CS2F was built in Canada by de Havilland Aircraft under license from the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation of the United states.  It was an all-weather, twin-engine aircraft equiped with electronics for navigation and the detection of submarines. It carried both depth bombs and homing torpedoes. The RCN's operational squadron, VS 880  operated CS2F-2 out of RCN air station HMCS Shearwater, Nova Scotia or from HMCS Bonnaventure. Stats: Crew of 4, Endurance:7.5 hours or 1000 miles, Speed: search speed 140 knots to max 224 knots, All-up weight: 24,500 lbs, Dimensions: 69' wing span, 42' length, Engines: 2 Wright 983C9HE1 nine cylinder air cooled radial, single speed supercharge, Equipment: radar, sonobuoys, magnetic anomaly detector (MAD), explosive echo ranging, searchlight and electronic counter measures equipment. 



Photos and text 2004 by Bob Gignac