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1/32 B-25J Mitchell at War Pt. 1 decal sheet

Product #   ZTZ32/052       Price  US$30


This new decal sheet includes markings for 7 different U.S.A.F. B-25J Mitchells at war.  All 7 planes have noise art, some with sexy noseart. 

  • B-25J "Nasty Nancy" s/n 43-36001 of the 75th BS, 42nd BG "Crusaders", 13th AF, based in the Philippines during 1945. 

  • B-25J "Milk Run" s/n 43-3890 of the 82nd BS, 12th BG "Earthquakers", 10th AF, based in India during 1944-45. 

  • B-25J "Sheridan Express" s/n 43-3958 of the 22nd BS, 341st BG,  14th AF, based at Yangkai, China in the summer of 1945. 

  • B-25J "Angel of Mercy" s/n 43-35982 of the 428th BS, 310th BG,  12th AF, based at Corsica during 1945. 

  • B-25J "Sag Harbour Express" s/n 43-36030 of the 499th BS, 345th BG "Air Apaches",  5th AF, based in the Philippines during early 1945. 

  • B-25J "Apache Princess" s/n 43-28152 of the 501st BS, 345th BG "Air Apaches",  5th AF, based in the Philippines during the spring of 1945. 

  • B-25J "Green Dragons" s/n 43-27971 of the 405th BS, 345th BG "Sunsetters",  5th AF, based at Morotai during late 1944. 

This decal sheet also includes a masking template.

You can order this decal sheet from the Zotz Decals website see the contact link at the top of this page.

Zotz Decals would like to give a deep thank you to Ron Dobrzelecki, Adam Norenberg and especially Aleks Vasa for all the help provided in the realization of this project.  Hats off gentlemen!

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