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Vf-2 / F-14D Tomcat

 Bounty Hunters

1/32 product #   ZTZ32025 Price  US$25.00


This 1/32 decal sheet features three different USN VF-2 Bounty Hunters F-14D's in high vis as well as lo-vis markings from May 2003. 

Some decals come in 2 layers to ensure perfect registration. 

Markings are contained on 4 decals sheets.  Package also includes 4 pages of instructions with 4 view drawings of all 3 planes.

Paint color codes are called out in FS numbers.  Three shades of the commons USN gray.

Special thanks goes to Rodger Kelly, Roberto Sanchez, Edwin Niemoller, Jose Gutierrez E., Gianluca Podda, Efrain Hernandez and Brian Marbrey. 


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Review of this decal sheet coming soon on Aircraft Resource Center 

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