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1/48 CH-46D/E Sea Knight

ZTZ48-028 for $27.00   


This colourful decal sheet features 4 different Ch-46's sexy nose art and or colourful paint work.  These 4 aircraft include;
  • USN CH-46D HC-11 "Gunbearers" DET-1 # 153319  "Hot Rod flames"
  • USN "Pack Rats" NC-3 DET-104  154000 "Mars"  "Mars Stars" colourful artwork on the tail 
  • USN "Pack Rats" NC-3 DET-106  154832 "Hotel California"  "Hotel California" artwork on underside and "Orient Express Golden Arches Airlines" volcano artwork in 3 locations on airframe.
  • USMC CH-46E HMM-263 "Thunderchickens"  Sexy girl as well as winged skull artwork 

Thanks to Roberto Sanchez, Joe Szczygiel, 1LT Jonathan Bernstein, CW2 John Rawls and Fotios Rouch for making this decal sheet possible.


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