1/48 Czech Model Curtiss SO3C Seamew

Gallery Article by Erik Leijdens on May 11 2016



Here is my Czech Model Curtiss Seamew. For me a model I have always wanted to build when I first read about it. Itís a bit of a sad aircraft, ugly, reluctant to fly and replaced by the plane it was supposed to replace.. But still I wanted a model of it. Luckily Czech Model offers one!

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Although itís a multimedia kit with styrene and resin, no locator pins and brittle styrene it is very well buildable. Made it completely out of the box, only added some wire for the antenna.

Quite happy with the result, although maybe it deserves a small water diorama. Maybe for my next SeamewÖ

Erik Leijdens

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Photos and text © by Erik Leijdens