1/72 Plastikart Junkers G 24

by Tayfun Gerdan


  Turkey Republic Day 2004 


When I first saw some of the pictures of this aircraft I was really surprised. I had never heard of a Junkers G 24 in the Turkish inventory. After some investigation I found out that this plane was never commissioned neither by TuAF nor TuAL although it was marked with Turkish flag. It was all part of a marketing operation of Junkers Factory. Junkers was trying to sell of these planes to TuAF and one plane was painted in this demo pattern and sent to Turkey. The plane was never commissioned by TuAF, although it flew in these markings between 1925-1927, more than 2 years. 

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First of all, this more than 20 years old kit isn't as bad as it sounds. I saw many worse kits, produced in the last two years. The only problem were the decals, which were in a real bad condition. And I solved the problem with "building the kit without using decals". Yet again, another uneven surfaced Junkers to be masked and painted!!!

After completing the construction it was time for painting. I painted the model overall silver, using Tamiya's X-11 Enamels. After the paint cured, a dear friend of mine, Ahmet Donmez added some post shading, using different shades of silver, white and black enamel mixtures.

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Now the most difficult part was to come. Masking... After the wings were masked I painted the wings and the rudder with Tamiya XF-2 white. Then I cut the stars and moons off tracing paper and added them onto the model. The flag areas were painted red, a mixture of Tamiya's XF-7, X-7 and a couple of drops of X-18.

Well, it was kind'a fun to build this model. It was completed in ca. 25-30 man-hours.

The photos are taken by Turhan Gungor, who also helped a lot with the research.


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Photos and text by Tayfun Gerdan