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1/32 Fw 190D-9  Part 1 decal sheet

Product # CED32033 for $8.99

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 8 2003




This is a new decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  The sheet includes markings for 2 different Fw-190D-9's in 1/32 scale.
The first plane is a Fw-190D-9 of the II/JG6.  This particular aircraft was discovered by the 7th armored Division in Halle in 1945.  Merkings include a Red 3 that is overtop an area that was painted in RLM 02 to cover up the previous number on the fuselage.  The paint scheme is RLM 83/83 on top and RLM 76 on the underside.  The underside of the engine is RLM 04 and the spinner is RLM 70.  There is a chance the Red 3 on this aircraft was a black 3, so a set of black 3's is included on the sheet.
The second plane is a Fw-190D-9 of the III/JG 54 in Mid 1944.  The paint scheme is RLM 83/83 on top and RLM 76 on the underside.  The spinner is black with a 

white spinner hub decal.  Nose art includes a 4 leaf clover with the name "Bums" above it.

Also included on this decal sheet is a large selection of stencils to complete one of the two aircraft featured on this decal sheet.  These tiny stencils are clearly printed and in register.

The Fw-190 Dora is a very popular model if you build WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft.....and to build one of these in 1/32 scale would be a special treat.  It is good to see Cutting Edge coming out with these decals. 

The decals were flawlessly printed and the clear carrier  film is trimmed very close to the crisply printed colored areas, which is always good to see.  Colours are solid and will cover very well.  

The instructions are clear and an extra page of text instruction as well as  a page of stencil placement line drawings are included with a small bit of info about the 2 planes. 

A very nice product and highly recommended.

I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.








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Photos and text by Steve Bamford