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1/48 B-29 Turretless Conversion

Product # CEC48478 for $29.99 for Monogram B-29 kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 17 2005




This new resin conversion set from Cutting Edge Modelworks includes conversion parts for the 1/48 Monogram B-29 kit for the Silverplate Atomic Bombers, F13s, and late war B-29 Bombers.  This sets provides replacement fuselage sections without turret fairings to portray any B-29 variant with the turrets removed.  Late in the war, due to the lack of Japanese interceptor fighter defense....combat B-29's had their Turrets removed to save weight and permit a larger bomb load.  The tail turret was retained.  There are 3 flat clear resin windows included for the waist observation panels.

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This set will require the use of your X-Acto knife with a fresh blade.  You will be required to do some surgery to the kit fuselage before you can add replacement panels.  For installation you need to cut the fuselage piece inside the existing panel lines and then cut these resin parts to fit the areas you've removed from the fuselage halves.  Scoring back and forth with a fresh blade is the answer.....a fresh blade makes things go very quick.  Once you've inserted these resin pieces into each separate fuselage half....then you'll assemble the fuselage halves to each other and assemble the model as you would normally with the Monogram instructions.  

Painting masks are included for the waist observation blister cover panels as these were a brighter colour than the rest of the fuselage. 

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The back side of these parts is crude....but this will be hidden once the model is assembled.  Resin casting is of a very high quality and all detail is very well done.  

There are 2 pages of detailed instructions including detailed text and photos explaining the process to install this conversion on your B-29.  If you're interested in building one of these turret-less B-29's then this set Cutting Edge Modelworks will save you much effort.

I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.


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Photos and text by Steve Bamford