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1/48 VA-127 Cylons Adversary decal sheet

product # FTD48027    $16.00 from Fightertown Decals

Product article by Steve Bamford on April 8 2009



This new decal sheet from Fightertown Decals includes markings for 8 different 1/48 A-4E/F - TA-4F/ an additional 2 paint schemes for one of these you  a total of 10 choices. 

There is a long list of people that helped on this sheet including Craig Kaston, Tailhook Association, Doug Siegfried, Skyhawk Association, David Aungst, Mike Pister and Thomas "Fury".  Well done Guys!!!  

The 10 aircraft include 9 different camo schemes........all in adversary camo...including one "The Mig" that has the silhouette of a MiG-15 painted on it..  

  • TA-4J Cylon 01 Buno 153683 in 1981 Euro 1 Gray Camo

  • A-4F Cylon 03 Buno 154973 in 1983 Blue/Blue/Blue Camo

  • A-4E Cylon 04 Buno 154992 in 1984 TPS Gray Camo

  • TA-4F Cylon 12 "Chameleon" Buno 154334 Yellow/Green/Brown Camo

  • TA-4F Cylon 12 Buno 154334 in 1983 Yellow/Green Camo

  • TA-4F Cylon 12 Buno 154334 in 1984 Yellow/Green Camo

  • TA-4J Cylon 12 "The Mig" Buno 153683 in 1987 Yellow/Brown Camo

  • TA-4F Cylon 14 "The Saint" Buno 158465 in 1986 Blue/Blue/Brown Camo

  • TA-4J Cylon 14 Buno 153483 in 1983 Yellow/Gray/Brown Camo

  • TA-4J Cylon 60 Buno 155155 in 1993 TPS Gray Camo

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The instructions are clear and include 4 views of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet with 3 insert decal sheets and includes landing gear decals, wheel decals, ejection seat decals, TACTs Pod decals and helmet decals.  Plus a set of data markings for each aircraft and typical loadout information. The quality of the decals is first rate. 

Once again Fightertown Decals has pulled together a vast selection of Skyhawk Adversary jets for you to build.....the toughest part is deciding which jets on this decal sheet to build.  I'm partial to the blue ones...but hey...that's just me.


I would like to thank Fightertown Decals for providing me with this review sample.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford