1/32 Goodyear F2G Super Corsair 

Multi Media Hobby Model Conversion Kit

#70NV2FC    $97.00 US + $18 s/h

Product Article by Jeremy Spradlin on Jan 12 2010


Not to long ago, I ran across this conversion kit being sold on e-bay. The only other 1/32 scale conversion kit for the F2G Corsair was made by Rodney Williams and now it is really hard to find. I tried to find information about XS Models or a review of this kit, but there were none out there that I could find. I did find other reviews of other kits and they all sounded positive so I thought I would give XS Models a try. I found their web-site, www.XS-models.com ,(it is all German) and, after a bit of searching, found an information request form. I got an e-mail back from them literally in a few minutes with prices, their mailer, and all the info I needed to order the kit. Many of the kits they produce seem to be racer conversions and decal sheets. I lost the kit on e-bay,(bummer) but lucky for me the kit from XS was cheaper! (big smile!)

This kit uses the 1/32 Trumpeter F4U-1D as the base for conversion which I like because of the quality of the kit your starting with.

Ok, this kit contains: 44 resin parts, 16 white metal parts, 37 etched metal parts, 1 profile rod (prop shaft), 3 vacuum formed parts (I only have 2), 1 film sheet (instrument faces), and 1 engine center bolt.

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The cowling is one piece and there are 15 photo etched stiffeners which will add a lot. They include the regular top air scoop which was the original design or two different extensions depending on which aircraft you want to model. They all look pretty accurate. I tried to take clear photo's of all the parts included so you can see the detail and the different options they include. I like the three different tail wheels. 

The engine is a big deal for me so I tried to show the detail of the reduction gear housing and one of the rows of cylinders. Once the engine is together, only the front is visible unless you decide to cut the cowling open. XS does supply the intake and exhaust manifolds and even the ignition harness. They all look pretty good, but I will have to let you know how they all fit together. 

They give detailed instructions (4 pages), in German and English, with color photo's, but like many of their other kits, this is not for beginners. Depending on which aircraft you want to model, XS- Models supplies decals for seven different racers or five Navy variants. Some of these have additional resin and etched parts. Decals are not included in this kit. 

Well, I hope this was good information and detailed enough. I am waiting on the Trumpeter to get here to start the conversion, but I will try to let you know how it goes together. 

Thanks for reading. 

Jeremy Spradlin

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Photos and text by Jeremy Spradlin