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Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki Book

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Product Article by Radek Lhotsky on Aug 2 2010


This is the latest publication from this agile Czech publisher.   

Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki is a result of many years of research by its autor Martin Ferkl. This is actualy his 4th publication after Mitsubishi G4M Betty (Cat. No. II-4001), Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah (Cat.No. II-4002) and Japanese Aircraft in Colour (Volume 1) (Cat. No. II-4003). They are all still available, so don't hesitate to get your copies while you can.

Out of these four, the latest one is the largest in volume - total of 104 pages.

The book is softcover and is printed on high quality glossy paper. The text is entirely in English.

Over 40 pages are dedicated to history of development of the aircraft including its predecesors.

Combat deployment covers Burma - the Imphal Operation, Indonesia, The Philippines, China-Burma-India (CBI), Manchuria and Defence of Japan.

Separate chapter lists Ki-44 Medaled Pilots and also Post War Operators and Captured Aircraft are covered. The whole text with over 70 photos (some never published before) covers about 40 pages. Reproduction of photos is excellent. Through the text part of the book only metric units are used (the technical drawings display both metric and US Standards-feet), but in today's world it should not be a problem for any readers to convert these.

The main part of this book is literally packed with superb technical drawings by Martin Lebl in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. Following variants are covered: Ki-44 8th-10th prototype, Ki-44-I early, Ki-44-II Ko, Ki-44-II Otsu, Ki-44-II-Hei (in both scales).

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There are also reprints from an original Manual (on 8 pages), once again in great quality.

Huge part of this book are beautiful color profiles - total of 33 of them! They were contributed by 3 artists: Martin Lebl, Zdenek Machacek and Martin Novotny. Unfortunately, Martin Novotny will not participate in any future projects because of his tragic death on June 12th 2009. He will be missed.

The 2 pages towards the end of the book list all the plastic model kits of Ki-44 in all scales. From 1/144 scale to 1/32scale.

This is absolutely a must for any WW II Japanese Aircraft fans and Aviation Enthusiasts alike.

Five of the Ki-44 aircraft included in color profiles in this publication were also chosen for REVI's decal sheets. They are available in 1/72nd scale (Cat.No. 72005) and 1/48th scale (Cat.No. 48005). 
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Thank you Petr Stachura for supplied sample and to Martin Ferkl - Job well done!

Radek Lhotsky

Photos and text by Radek Lhotsky