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HELL HAWKS:The Untold Story of the American Fliers Who Savaged Hitler's Wehrmacht

ISBN 978-0-7603-2918-4

Product Article by Robert F. Dorr on Dec 1 2011



Some people who recently bought my book "MISSION TO BERLIN" may not be aware that I have another book in print that is the same size, same shape, and on a related subject.

I'm one of the two writers who created "HELL HAWKS!" --- a general-interest history of Americans in a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter group in combat in World War II. 

The purpose of this message is to encourage you to order from me a first edition, hardbound copy signed by both authors. This is still very much a new book today and is still being discovered by many -- but it has been in print for three years. We need your support to keep the book in print.

"HELL HAWKS!" is our Stephen Ambrose-style history of a World War II "band of brothers with planes." In their words, P-47 Thunderbolt pilots and ground crewmen describe the war nobody told you about, fought at the front lines on the European continent during the winter of 1944-45 from the Normandy invasion through the Battle of the Bulge and into Germany. The story starts at Millville, New Jersey and ends with victory in Europe. This is a book about fighter pilots and war, and about the men who maintained and supported the P-47s and kept them flying. The book is about the 365th Fighter Group (386th, 387th and 388th Fighter Squadrons) but it's really the story of all who were involved with the P-47 and the Ninth Air Force's war on the continent.

The book is a great piece of Air Force history and a great gift for a history buff. It's suitable for young readers. It's widely recognized as the best book about the P-47. A fighter pilot who flew in the Pacific and was not part of our story read the book and wrote: "Yes! This is what it was like in a fighter group in World War II."

We have a chapter about fighting the German jets. A chapter compares the P-47 to the Messerschmitt 109 and Focke-Wulf 190. But it's the ground war that makes this such a great air story: Our guys went ashore at Normandy and fought across Europe into the Battle of the Bulge.

Co-author Thomas D. Jones (Tom) and I spent five years researching and interviewing 171 of these ordinary men who became heroes. Tom is an Air Force Academy graduate and former B-52 pilot and astronaut who flew four shuttle missions. I'm an Air Force veteran, retired U. S. diplomat, and author. I write for Air Force Times, Aerospace America magazine and other publications.

"HELL HAWKS!" uses never before published photos and first-hand personal accounts. You can get a personalized copy from me.

HOW TO GET IT: If you'd like a first-edition copy personally inscribed by both authors, send me a check for $31.70, for the book, an inscription from the authors, and priority mail packaging. Overseas shipping is slightly higher. 

Send me an e-mail message and please don't hesitate to PICK UP THE PHONE. If you would like a book, remind me of your ADDRESS.

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