Dan's Mon-key

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I'm Dan's Mon-Key....without a doubt I'm the one that keeps ARC running.  To learn more about me....you can read The Official History of Dan's Mon-key (AKA known as "The Official History of Crotch Grabbing, Dan's Mon-key and the Williams Bros. B-10B).  I live in Kentucky with Dan Winfield...he pays the bills and feeds me and I promise not to burn down his house.  

My baby picture....the chimp babes from the zoo like this cure pic of me. 

My primary mode of Transportation is a trike (see picture below) and I always tow a shopping cart behind it to carry all the important stuff a Mon-Key of my status has to carry.  I'm single....having parties, drinking Banana Brew and inviting Mon-Key babes from the local zoo for wild parties is my favorite past-time.  My favorite model kit is the 1/72 Williams Bros B-10B....but this is only because Dan Winfield hates that kit so much.  He says it's unbuildable.....shows how little he knows.  Caz Dalton built a Williams Bros B-10B....or so he says....photographic trickery more than likely.    You can actually see two of these models in the picture below.  Also in the picture below is my trike.....the Mon-Key babes go for me due to my cool trike.


Below is where I live.....Did I mention Dan Winfield also lives with me.  Yup...it's cozy little place for us.

Dan Winfield's home...this is where I live

My favorite past-time is bugging serious modelers....which is pretty easy to do....what a bunch of Morons they are!!!  

Oh and finally....BITE ME!!!  

My Indy race car for use in Australia My design to replace aging CF-18's in Canada
1/48 Warthog and a 1/25 Indy Car kit bash CF-18 Pod Racer using Leading Edge decals
by Dan's Mon-Key by Dan's Mon-Key

Below is a list of some of the items that have been taken away from Dan's Mon-Key after Steve Bamford returned and found the evil things he had done when Steve left him in Charge of ARC for the first week in January 2002.  Below this list is a picture of Dan's Mon-Key reaction to the list of punishments.



Dan's Mon-key....didn't like this picture from a Tent City somewhere in Afghanistan.

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