Richard Tucker

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Feb 2001

Richard, sometimes known to RMS and ARC  as RJ, is a retired US Navy officer now employed as an engineer at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Engineering Center in Charleston, SC.  His current project is a network data-link for the follow-on A-wing fighter program. When not body-building and solving quantum-spatial paradox equations, Richard enjoys crafting 1/72 scale models of post-WWII aircraft. Richard, an avid family man, says his favorite time of day is when he comes home to his loving family and gets to kiss the dog and kick the wife.... "no wait;  that's not what I said you idiot!  Who... who,  put that tri-cycle in the driveway!!?? "No, honey, I never said that! honest!"  


Me at my workbench....notice can of Diet Coke


It's a used double-wide that RJ got cheap at a "Goin' out'ta business sale!"  


Company Car!


RJ's OSHA approved, EPA compliant work-bench.