Phil Golding

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Oct 2002

September 2002.
I'm 42 years old and live in South Oxfordshire, in the U.K. I built my first model in 1968 or so...Airfix's Spitfire...the ones that came in a plastic bag, with the instructions stapled on the top.  Available from you local Woolworth's.  I can't remember how much it cost, but it was within 'pocket money' range.  I continued to build during my younger years, but stopped in my mid to late teens (I discovered Girls and Rock 'n' Roll; the original 50's stuff, not that modern crap).
In 1982, I started training as a Mental Health Nurse (20 years now, and still going strong).  In 1987 I met Karen (the Wife) and we have two boys; John and Daniel, aged 11 and 14.  I rediscovered the hobby about 4 years ago,  and found it had changed beyond all recognition.  The Japanese were now dominant, there were things called 'resin' and 'etched brass', you could add to you kit to make it better.  I was hooked (addicted, Karen says).
I joined my local modelling club, and am now secretary.  I've attended a lot of shows around the country and, I'm pleased to say, won the odd award or two. 
Me holding my project at the time.  

Here you can see my workbench.  Yes, stuff DOES get built there.  


If you see me at any shows, please say's very lonely living in the shed.

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