Greg Wise

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Mar 2001

My name is Greg Wise I was born dec 25 1959 I grew up in a small farming town in Indiana.  I served in the US Navy and was assigned to VF171 and worked F-4J Phantoms.  I moved to Florida in the early 80's and have been here ever since.  I live on the big lake Okeechobee where there is no model clubs or hobby shops.  I build mostly WWII 1/48 props, but have started Korean era jets.  My favorite place is Stallion 51 where I'm affilated with modeling end of operations.( plus I get to play with the real mustangs). 


picture of messy desk, I did not clean up my workspot just for you guys!


my model shelf is silhouetted to drive the pen light freaks crazy!


my get away is a LEM on the moon!


I'm fixing to make a cold drink run for the guys at ARC clubhouse