Emad Tabsh

  Lebanon National Day 2003 

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Hello folks...... 
This is my humble contribution....
I've always been taken by this hobby ever since the early 70's. 
My favorite scale is 1/48, but I am also very much into 1/32 and few 1/72 scale models too.  I do not have a dedicated workbench, but I use the one at work and my mobile toolbox moves with me.
I reside in Beirut,Lebanon.
I am 46 years old, married with  four  kids, Fouad, Mohamad and Dania  and Noor
I hope one of the kids, in the future, shall become a better modeler than myself. 
Please feel free to write..
It is a hobby for fun after all!! 
That's it.......
Happy modeling...


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Photos and text 2003 by Emad Tabsh