Nick's Room in Tampa

by Nick

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My name is Nick I am at the ripe old age of 10 (yes my dad is doing the typing), My dad and I have been into modeling for a few years and we have built a pretty cool hobby room. The models take up most of it but we also do the RC thing as well. We have over 40 72nd scale models that are fun and quick and a few 48th scale. I did come up with a few pretty cool ideas' I would like to pass along.

Plexi Glass is a great work surface and you can put your instructions under it, works good until they get messy but cheap enough that they can be quickly replaced.

Milk crates are great to stack up along the wall kinda like cubby holes at school, I would have more of them but I got busted swiping them from the local convenient store so 18 of them will have to do. 

I like the office Depot $14.00 magnifying lamp you can hang cloths pins and clamps on it for easy use and you can hang your parts tree from them. 

Also in the pictures is a bridge I created out of Pop-cycle sticks to display my Hummer and tanks on, No cutting just a glue gun and a lot of brain freeze.

I use 6lb fishing line to hang the model from the ceiling, I tried the ceiling fan but disaster struck and I lost three good models and made the cat sick from watch them spin around.

The F14 is my first time using an airbrush I would show you the F-5 I did but it was lost in the great ceiling fan disaster of summer 2003.

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Another thing I did try but it failed involved super glue my sisters hair and a pair of scissors to make my own detail brushes all was going well till mom caught me. bummer She said I was not allowed to use super glue again so I talk her into buying me 15 second CA instead, she said ok as long as it was not super glue "No mom, see it say's CA on the bottle" here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Nick in Tampa

Photos and text 2003 by Nick