David Horn

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June 7  2005

Here are some pictures of me and my hobby work area. 

I have been building models since I was about eight years ago but took many years off during high school and college. After I graduated from college, I really got into full swing with my hobby and career in the flight simulation industry with FlightSafety designing full flight simulators. Working in the simulator industry provided me with access to aircraft data as well as connections to aircraft I am interested. I considered myself a moderately skilled modeler but once I found ARC, I really improved my building and finishing skills. 

Currently I am still a mechanical engineer in Tulsa Oklahoma designing flight simulators. I left FlightSafety for a smaller simulator company but just as interesting. My interests are primarily modern jets or subjects that I have a personal connection to like the Oklahoma ANG F-16ís (friends at the base) and anything my father flew in the Air Force (C-130 and C-141) or flew with in Vietnam. The scales I build is mostly 1/48 and now doing more in 1/32 scales. I also plan on building a P-51 to match the one I rode in recently, what a rush. 

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I have a room dedicated to my model building with a huge spray booth I built (can fit the 1/48 B-1B) and new bench area that really makes the building nice. I also have two lighted display cases that help keep the dust off the finished kits. 

The stash pile is growing but I am trying to control the size a little since I am now marries so personal space is not what it use to be. My wonderful wife is very understanding hobby and also enjoys reading some of the ARC stuff. 

Below is a picture of my little home. When I purchased it, I thought it was going to be a little bigger from what the ad stated but I have adjusted and now call it home sweet home.


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