1/72 Dragon Grumman LM-5 Eagle

Gallery Article by Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo' on July 20 2019

USA Moon Landing  - First Human on the Moon  (1969)



1/72 Dragon kit # 11002

50 years ago, on July 20th 1969, the first ever manned space craft landed on the Moon. Landing Module 5, call sign "Eagle", was built by Grumman and consisted of 2 parts, the Descent Stage and the Ascent Stage.

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Both stages can be built separately out of the Dragon kit. The fit of the kit is very good with the exception of the RCS blast shields of the LMDS, these need to be attached after fixing the LMAS to the lower part.

The kit is great, if you can grab one, get one. Author made lots of mistakes. While using Alclad II, this has to be covered by clear varnish, which in return takes the metal effect away. Better to use metal foil, at least for the AS. Unfortunately no clear parts, the windows are simulated by Hasegawa foil TF903 Brown/Cyan.

Thank you and have fun!

Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo'

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Photos and text by Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo'