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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/144 Revell-Germany  International Space Station (finished as Phase 2 complete) by Justin Davenport

1/100 Tamiya Space Shuttle Orbiter  by Justin Davenport

1/144 Airfix Challenger Shuttle by George Ting

1/72 Monogram Space Shuttle  by Matt Bacon

1/72 Airfix Lunar Lander by Grant Matthews

1/144 Space Shuttle & 747 by Eduard Boxem

1/200 Hasegawa Space Shuttle Discovery with Boosters by Randy Foo

1/72 Monogram Shuttle George Ting

1/48 Saturn V Apollo 11 by Stephen Thrum

1/72 Airfix Apollo 11 LM  by Neil Medcalf

1/144 Airfix Space Shuttle  by Justin Davenport

1/144 Minicraft Space Shuttle  by Dan Jenkins

1/100 Tamiya Space Shuttle Orbiter Challenger by Justin Davenport

1/144 Revell B747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft with orbiter  by George Ting

1/48 Revell Mercury Spacecraft: "Friendship 7"  by Steve Sliger

1/72 Trumpeter Shenzhou Chinese Spacecraft Model  by Steve Sliger

1/144 Launch Complex 39A diorama  by Frank McVeigh

1/1 Neil Armstrong by Scaledown

1/70 Apogee Components Apollo/Saturn 1B  by Steve Negley

1/48 Mercury Atlas  by David Weeks

1/72 Flying-Fish-Models Vostok-1 with Yuri Gagarin  by Matthias Erben

1/144 Airfix shuttle Columbia-landing diorama by George Ting

1/48 Monogram Grumman Lunar Module  by Vince Lucente

1/70 Apogee Components Saturn V  by Steve Negley

1/72 Airfix Apollo 11 LEM by Agnieszka Kus

1/200 Hasegawa Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51L by  Vladimír  Žucha  and Martin Jarina

1/48 Revell Monogram Apollo 15 Lunar Module  by Pete Malaguti

1/72 Airfix Lunar Module  by Pete Malaguti

1/32 EVA Models Lunar Rover  by Pete Malaguti

1/144 Space Shuttle Endeavour  by Pete Malaguti

1/48 Gemini  by Pete Malaguti

1/30 OGONIOK SOYUZ 7K-OK by Agnieszka Kuś

1/48 Lunar Module cutaway  by Pete Malaguti

1/24 Revell Gemini Spacecraft  by Pete Malaguti

Explorer 1  by Steve Sliger

1/144 Scratch built Apollo Saturn V Mobile launch platform  by Michael Jack

Apollo Module in Scratch  by Renato Dias

1/6 Scratch Built SURVEYOR 3 by Graham Symmonds

1/48 LCROSS-CENTAUR by Les Dorr, Jr

1/48 Revell Monogram Rescue LM by Steve Sliger 

1/12 RealSpace Models Sputnik I by Steve Sliger

1/72 Monogram Space Shuttle Cutaway by Pete Malaguti

1/144 Scratch built Mobile Launch Platform & Launch Umbilical Tower with Airfix Saturn V Apollo12 part 2 by Michael Jack

1/24 Vostok 1 by Steve Nichols

1/200 Revell OV-101 Enterprise by K Diamond

1/144 Airfix Space Shuttle by Angelo M Picardo

1/32 Revell Command Space Module Apollo 15 Endeavour Deep Space EVA by Michael Jack

1/72 Redstone Freedom 7 by Phillip Steele

Revell's 'Astronaut on the Moon' as Apollo 17's Gene Cernan by Pete Malaguti

1/16 Resin Astronaut kit Neil A. Armstrong by Michael Jack

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