1/72 Dragon  North-American CSM-107 Columbia

Gallery Article by Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo'



1/72 Dragon kit # 11002 

50 years ago, on July 21th 1969, the first man stepped down to the Moon. After the space craft was landed by Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong, it took several hours until the next day for him and LMP Edwin Aldrin to put the space suits on. CSM pilot Michael Collins wasn't boring during that time. His orbits were extensively used to explore the Moon with his additional equipment in the SIM bay, one of 7 sections of the Service Module.

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Both stages can be built separately out of the Dragon kit with every stage of the flight, except of the touch down since the ring of the lifting bodies is not separate. The fit of the kit is again very good, however the instruction fail.

Also no clear parts, the windows are simulated by Hasegawa foil TF903 Brown/Cyan. SM had position lights! Author again made lot of mistakes, but this is also because of the bad instruction. The SIM bay is scratch built. Superb kit, bad appearance are missing skills from author.

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Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo'

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Photos and text by Andreas Gordes, ARC member 'Goggo'