Black Box produces excellent quality, highly detailed resin cockpit sets.  These are limited production items that are prone to selling out due to their high level of quality and detail and relatively low production numbers. 

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1/32 Resin cockpit sets

  32-001  Revell F4U-1 Corsair

  32-002  Hasegawa F-16A/C Falcon

  32-004  Hasegawa F-16C Viper

  32-005  Trumpeter A10 Warthog
1/32 Black Box GBU-31  

Review by Emad F.Tabsh

1/32 F/A-18A/C Hornet Exterior set

Review by Everett McEwan


Black Box 1/32 F-16CJ cockpit set 

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1/48 Resin cockpit sets

  48-001  Revell/Monogram A6-E Intruder


Hasegawa F18-C Hornet


1/48 Prowler cockpit set 

48-003  Hasegawa F14-A Tomcat

  48-004  Hasegawa F15-C Eagle

  48-005  Hasegawa F16-C Viper

  48-006  Hasegawa F-104G

  48-007  Monogram F-102A

  48-008  Monogram F-100D

  48-010  Monogram A-10 Warthog

  48-011  Monogram F-101B Voodoo
  48-012  Hasegawa F-14D Tomcat

  48-013  Hasegawa F-16B Viper

  48-014  Hasegawa F-18D Hornet
  48-015  Monogram F-105G Wild Weasel

  48-016  Revell/Monogram F-15E Strike Eagle

  48-017  Hasegawa F-4G Phantom (Wild Weasel)

  48-018  Monogram AV-8B Harrier

  48-019  Tamiya A-1H Skyraider
  48-024  P47D Thunderbolt  Hasegawa

  48-025  Tamiya P-51D Mustang 

  48-026  Hasegawa F-16A Fighting Falcon 
  48-027  Hasegawa F-6F Hellcat
  48-028  Hasegawa F104C
  48-029  Hasegawa F4-E Phantom II
  48-030  Hasegawa A-7D/E Corsair II
  48-031  Monogram F105D Thunderchief
  48-032  Monogram EA-6B Prowler
  48-034  Monogram F-5E Tiger
  48-043  Tamiya F-117
  48-044  Hasegawa F-4J
  48-047  Hasegawa F-14A/B

1/48 Cockpit for Hasegawa F-4E/F Phantom 

Reviewed by Jörgen Toll

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