Steve Bamford

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In July 2002, I received a very special Award from the ARC readership.
Military in Scale review about ARC from the December 2002 issue.

Feb 2001

Hi everyone!!!  Welcome to my humble little web page.  I'm a 40 year old family guy with a wife and 2 kids....I'm the oldest member of the ARC team.  I am an active member of my local scale modelling club and live on the west coast of Canada.  I enjoy building all types of kits....not just planes...although 1/48 planes are my number 1 interest.  I also enjoy altering kits and can't build a kit OOB.  My favourite tool is the Dremel Minimite.  I am infamous for attempting to build 5 DML Me 262's at the same time....a task still not completed. 

My workbench....notice can of Boddington's ale.....models on the go in this picture I have six Me 262's and one Avia S-199 (receiving the Aires engine set) also notice the Official ARC decal mug....and no.......this isn't my whole stash of unbuilt kits.


Steve posing at his workbench


Our humble home....typical Canadian house.


Our winter home...typical Canadian winter.

3 seater F-15E