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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Academy  Typhoon 1B by Tom Calbury

1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon Pt 1 by Brian Cauchi

1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon Part 2 by Brian Cauchi

1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon Part 3 by Brian Cauchi

1/72 Academy Typhoon by Greg Knowles

1/48 Hasegawa early style Typhoon in RAF markings by Jim Penhale 

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon 1B by Tom Calbury 

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon MkIb by Sylvain Couture

1/48 Monogram Hawker Typhoon Mk1B by Darius Aibara

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon by Jason Chetwynd-Chatwin

1/72 Academy Typhoon by Caz Dalton

1/72 Academy Hawker Typhoon Mk 1b by Erwin Macalalad

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mk. 1B  by Andy Stark 

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk.1 by Tolga Ulgur

D-Day groupbuild by Indonesian Scale Model Society (ISMS)

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon  by Bill Lachance

1/48 Monogram Typhoon IB converted to an FR Mk IB Jumbo's Typhoon by Polly Singh

1/48 Monogram Hawker Typhoon  by Konley Kelley

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon  by Pete Morgan

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib  by Laurent Boildieu

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B  by Cyril Worley

1/72 Academy Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib by Gianni Chirico

1/48 Typhoon Hasegawa by Hiran Horta

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk1b by Si Tomlinson

1/72 Academy Typhoons  by Ryan Cameron and Ken Stanworth

1/72 Academy Typhoon by Maxime Pidara

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon IIB  by Calum Gibson

1/72 Academy Hawker Typhoon 1B  by Rick Reinbott

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon 1B by Alan Sannazzaro

1/72 Hawker Typhoon IIb  by Dave Drake

1/48 Revell Hawker Typhoon  by Claus Gustafsen

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon 1B by Nyle Major

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon IB  by Colin Gomez

1/32 Revell Typhoon  by Thanos Mentzelopoulos

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mk 1b  by Darren Snow

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon 1b Tropical  by Phil Mead

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.1B  by Amanda Jones

ANZAC Day by Phil Mead

1/32 Revell Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B by Steve Negley

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk1B by David Walker

1/72 Academy Hawker Typhoon by Pjotr van der Ploeg

1/72 Airfix Hawker Typhoon 1b by Gary Storck

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mk.1B by David Rapasi

1/72 Pavla Models Typhoon F Mk1B by Carmel J Attard

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon IB by Artur Oslizlo

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib by Tolga ULGUR 

1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mark 1B by Amin Ghazzaoui

1/72 Pavla Typhoon Mk1 B by Carmel J. Attard

1/48 Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon MK-1B by Serge Dompierre

1/32 Air strip by Zackery Recznik

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