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F-15 Ride
F-15B Flight with the 102nd Fighter Wing 
by Ken Middleton


History History History History
Normandy and the D-Day Beaches Part 1  Normandy and the D-Day Beaches Part 2  Normandy and the D-Day Beaches Part 3  Normandy and the D-Day Beaches Part 4 
by Paul Holmes by Paul Holmes by Paul Holmes by Paul Holmes

Stories Stories Stories Stories
The First F/A-22 Delivered to Langley AFB Sideways Nosegear on Airbus A320 These photos were sent in  Afghanistan Photos Concorde "Fox Bravo" lands at Baden Soeliengen
  by Frank Safranek by unknown photographer by unknown photographer


Stories Can you say RICH? F-15E Crash Story Gulf War 2
No pictures
DHL Missile incident in Baghdad  Sultan Of Brunei's Private Airplane !!! F-15E Crash at RAF Lakenheath  SuperHornet Simulator Experienced 

Gulf War Two

Task Force Tarawa in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author Unknown Sent in by Randy Wise by Steve Bamford by Brian P by Creighton L Henthorn Jr


Taiwan F-86 Air Battles CF-18 Flight Buried Fighters Squadron Changeover

Republic of China F-86's in battle 

by Robert Keng

Hitching a ride in a CF-18 
by Lyle ‘Tilt’ Katchur

An ARC regular has sent me more pictures of the Buried Iraqi Mig 25's being unearthed by US forces in Iraq.

VF-2 becomes VFA-2


Gulf War 2 Battle Damaged A-10

F-15 launching the AIM-4

Tomcat Convertible


U2 Forced Landing in Canada in 1960
A-10 flown by female pilot into battle

F-15 flown by "Racer"

Sent in by Murph

by unknown source


Sent in by Ken Eckert


Mid-Air Collision Broken canopy on F-18 in flight "Blackhawk Down"   Friendly encounter at sea With 4 pictures
No pics 
Midair collision between two F-18s both return safely A refueling hose breaks and shatters an F-18 canopy on a mission over freezing Afghanistan.   A pilot involved in the Blackhawk down mission talks about the Blackhawk Down movie  Two friendly warships pass at sea  Airliners diverted to Canada on Sept 11 2001


Link to another site With a Picture With a Picture No Pictures With Pictures
A couple of Naval Aviators relating the tale of an F-18 Hornet emergency just as the USS Constellation was getting underway for a cruise (in about mid 1999). The writing is rough, but elegant in places, about one heck of an exciting evening for a certain young Navy Lieutenant. 
Partial ejection from my A-6.


This is the story of a young gent that had his ejection seat partially fire and propel him half way through the canopy and into the wind while the plane was in flight.  He survived this ordeal.

For the Canadians or aerobatic team is a story about an Apr 2001 landing accident involving one of the Canadian Snowbird Tutor jets (happy to say none of the pilots were injured). ARC has a picture of an Chinese Shenyang F-8 fighter allegedly taken from the same US EP-3E on a mission just before the fateful mid-air collision.  Ejecting from my F-100
by Ken "Stickshift" Waring